On Hold Messaging Westchester County

Research shows that of the 70 percent of customers that are put on hold, 70 percent of them hang up if you don't respond within 30 seconds. 30 seconds is more than enough time to tell your customer more about your services, or your monthly specials. Give the customer on hold what they called for... information about your business.

What does your customer hear while they're on hold right now? A radio station? Entertaining. But if that radio station plays a commercial from your competitor your customer could become their customer. How about your favorite CD? If the customer doesn't like it, they'll probably hang up. But worst of all, does your customer hear nothing on hold? If they hear nothing they might think they got disconnected and hang up.

SHARC Creative will help you take advantage of this untapped advertising resource.

Sharc On Hold has allowed us to educate our patients about the latest news in OB/GYN and keep their interest while waiting for a patient educator to take their call.
Linda Silverman
All Womens Health