The Five Amazing Benefits

1. Keep Their Attention

You might be spending a significant amount of money to get potential customers to call you, and when they finally do, WOW, you better do all you can to be sure they STAY on the line if they happen to be placed on hold. It’s easy to think you were hung up on, particularly when you call from a cell phone. Customized messaging is your “insurance policy” to have callers stick around.

2. Be Informative

If someone is on the line with your business, clearly there is SOME interest in your product or service. What a fantastic way to also INTRODUCE other related products or services that you might be supplying. Many times even current customers don’t always know

3. Have Fun, Share Your Business Personality

Every business has a personality, and using AUDIO is a very powerful way to convey yours! While callers are on hold you can use that time to share your story, and illustrate not just the benefits of your business, but WHY you do what you do. You can be colorful, silly, serious, or none of these! Whatever the style, it is just another great use of space to convey that to your prospects and your current customers.

4. Be Charitable

Pay it forward! So many businesses do a fantastic job in helping others with charitable donations, time spent for golf outings, galas, and all kinds of fundraising. WHY NOT list those very things while On Hold too? Everybody wins! The charity of your choice gets more attention which is always helpful, your customers now know what makes you tick and that you’re doing good in the community, and you get to help spread the word using the perfect untapped resource- On Hold!

5. Keep it Fresh

Most businesses have a seasonal component to them, and it makes most sense to reel those elements into the seasonal copy. If your business truly has no seasonal contingencies then consider industry tips or trivia! Use “did you know” stats that can be relevant, or not, depending on your business personality.

There are many benefits to having On Hold Messaging for your business. You can keep your caller’s attention, customize your message and let your businesses personality stand out.


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